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Knowing what to put on a roll up banner is critical – especially if you are aiming to bring attention to your service/offering.

As experts in promotion and marketing, we’ve identified some key characteristics of what makes a retractable banner design great. When you’ve got your banner design figured out – you will notice that people will stop to read or glimpse at what you’ve designed.

What to Put on a Roll Up Banner – and doing it effectively

One thing to note is that; you can ultimately put anything on your banner. However, being selective and to the point is what will help you win at marketing.

Tip #1 – Keep your main offer, logo or pricing at eye level. When people are walking by or stopping at your booth – they will always see what is at eye level first. When you can figure out what to place here – you will be able to catch the attention of your potential customer.

Tip #2 – Don’t forget about your target audience/demographic. A roll up banner could still be something used at a kid’s event or school event. When you are designing your retractable banner for kids or youth – you want to again, keep things at eye level. Eye level for younger children is much lower and taking this into consideration will really help you.

Tip #3 – Keep your colors consistent throughout the entire banner. You do not want to mix both vibrant and dark colors all at once. Focus on important logo or business colors and try to mix-and-match without overdoing it. If the roll up banner design looks too busy – people will not want to put the extra effort into picking out all the details and text.

Tip #4 – Going off the last point – we strongly urge our customers to keep their banner designs simple, while keeping the text to a minimum.

Tip #5 – The last tip is really about the design specifications because that can make or break the quality of your final product. When you are ordering your roll up banner, you need to make sure that you are following all size, resolution and color space specifications that have been outlined. Additionally, keep all bleed dimensions in consideration as well.

These are the most important things you should make note of when figuring out what to put on a retractable roll up banner. If you need assistance with designing your pull up banner, you can always reach out to our team.

Roll Up City also offers free retractable banner templates for Adobe Photoshop and other creative applications – feel free to download them before you begin designing.