What Material is Used for Stand Up Banners?

Most stand up banners printed and assembled in Canada are made from 10mil blockout vinyl material. One of the primary reasons most companies use the 10mil blockout vinyl is because of how weightless it is. A roll up banner that is put out on display will need to stand up straight. A heavier banner can easily cause the banner to tip over – which can have damaging consequences to your banner stand.

If you are selecting material for your retractable stand up banner, you want to consider the following:

  • Material Cost
  • Material Print Quality
  • Weight After Print
  • Wear and Tear of Material
  • Light Distribution Through the Material

Roll Up City uses 10mil vinyl for all retractable pull up banner stands because of it’s lightweight factor. If the customer wishes; there are other common materials available as well. These include, poster material, PVC and 13oz vinyl (matte or gloss).

However, we would not recommend using PVC material as it tends to curl. When your stand up banner is rolled up in the case, the material will be in that position for a long time. Over time, the banner will begin to curl into that position! This is true even after you have assembled it out.

In our opinion, the best material for roll up banners would be polyester or the 10mil vinyl in that order. Remember to keep these points in mind when you are thinking about what materials should you print your roll up banner on?

Thinking about creating your own stand up banners in Canada or the U.S.? We provide same day and next day production on all retractable banners, so order yours today! All our banners are printed in Canada, and shipped from coast to coast.

Are you a roll up banner supplier? If yes, you’re probably thinking about costs. When it comes to the printing industry, quality really stands high relative to price. If you’re looking to build relationships with customers, you want to offer the best possible material for all your offerings. It’s one of the reasons why we only carry a premium selection of banner stands and banner materials!