Weekday and Weekend Backdrop Banner Stand Rental in Mississauga

We have several sized backdrop banner stands available for rental in Mississauga. Our backdrop banner stands are made of premium quality aluminum and they’re designed for easy assembly.

In Mississauga and the surrounding areas – we offer 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, weekday and weekend rentals for backdrop banner stands.

Roll Up City has become a leader in banner stand production, roll up banner printing and banner stand rentals in Canada. With the heightened demand for private and corporate events – we’ve expanded our rental services for banners, banner stands and equipment.

If you’re hosting an event and you have a printed banner without a stand – we can help you. You can always choose to purchase a banner stand or you can rent one if you don’t plan on maximizing it’s use.

How to Design/Print a Hanging Backdrop Banner

In recent years, the term backdrop has been used for several products in the event space. The backdrop we speak of in the printing business is the printed backdrop banner. These banners are commonly printed on vinyl or polyester.

When you are designing your banner, you want to keep the design centralized (especially if the backdrop will be used for taking photos). Some backdrop banners are meant for promotion – so they may showcase the promoters and sponsors for the event.

If there are a few sponsors and promoters – you can go the route of a step-and-repeat banner – whereby, the logo will repeat itself several times over on the banner. When doing this, make sure you do not place the banner too close to the edge where the loops will form.

What are Pocket Poles or Loops on a Banner

A banner that’s printed as a backdrop will likely require pocket poles or loops on the top/bottom. The pocket pole is the loop that is formed at the top of the banner – which is where the pole of the banner stand goes in through. For a very form-fitted backdrop banner, we recommend backdrop banners with bottom and top pocket poles. Most printing companies will offer 2-inch or 4-inch loops – and it’s your choice depending on the banner stand you have.

So, if you’re looking to rent a backdrop banner stand in Mississauga, Ontario and the neighboring cities – we offer affordable rental prices with flexible times. For more information on weekday and weekend printed backdrop banner stand rentals in Toronto – please email us at orders@rollupcity.com.