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Scrim vinyl is a popular outdoor banner printing material that is manufactured from a polyethylene substrate that has polyester threading to strengthen the material. The threaded polyester provides the scrim vinyl with durability and strength to meet outdoor conditions.

As the most common banner printing material, scrim vinyl is available in two popular options. You can choose between a matte finish and gloss finish.

Why Scrim Vinyl is Best for Printing

In the printing industry, scrim vinyl is used for outdoor banner printing. When you use specific type of ink technology on scrim vinyl the quality is long-lasting and ideal for outdoor conditions.

Since this type of banner material is very affordable, many companies use it for both indoor and outdoor banners. On average, customer’s can pay $2.50 – $3.00 per square foot when ordering banners printed on scrim vinyl.

To add some versatility to the banner, some printing services will add hems on the side. Hemming is when the banner is double folded on the edge, to add some strength before the grommets are put in. In the event of high winds, this will ensure that the grommets do not rip through the scrim vinyl.

With today’s printing technology, companies can add a layer of UV protection. If your banner will be outdoors with exposure to high heat and the sun, some experts believe in adding UV protection.

The best type of printing for scrim vinyl banners is the solvent based inkjet printing. With this inkjet printing, the colors will be vibrant and there is little to no fading from sunlight exposure. If you want your scrim vinyl banners to last long, you can go the extra step of laminating the banner.

A laminated vinyl banner provides it’s owners with full protection to all forms of exposures. Whether it’s the sun, heat, rain or hail – your banner will be protected along with the ink.

How is Scrim Vinyl Used in Banner Printing

In the printing industry, companies prefer scrim vinyl as it offers a low cost solution for large format printing. Most businesses also use scrim vinyl for all their promotional displays, sale signs, open signs and liquidation banners.

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