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Roll Up City has sold more than 3,000 roll up banners in Mississauga and continues to be a market leader in banners across Canada and the U.S. A pull up banner is a great marketing tool that will grab the attention of hundreds or thousands of potential customers.

The retractable banner stand installation instructions and hardware are included with every order. You may receive the installation instructions by email or you can find them online on our website. As you might be aware, retractable banner stands we sell in Mississauga are incredibly easy to assemble and dismantle. You can assemble a portable pull up banner within 30 seconds!

How to Start Designing Your Roll Up Banner

Prior to the design of your pull up banner, you might want to download our roll up banner design template. It will make the design process easier, as you know the limits of your design. A 33-inch wide roll up banner will be designed using 34-inches for its width, as the extra once inch will be your bleed. Similarly, the height of your design file will be 84-inches instead of 81-inches to account for the top and bottom bleed and cut region.

If you need assistance with the designing of your roll up banner in Mississauga, you can contact us for graphic design work. Roll Up City has in-house designers who can create custom roll up banner designs for your prints. Please keep in mind that graphic design work will require 1-2 business days of work, which will prolong the overall completion of your order. However, keep in mind that print production turnaround time can remain as is – depending on whether you choose the same day or next business day production.

Ordering your retractable banner stands with print from Mississauga is very easy! You can start by visiting the roll up banner page and place your order. Once you do, please don’t forget to upload your artwork! The time starts ticking only when you have processed your payment and uploaded and sent in your artwork.

When your artwork is uploaded for production, it will first go through pre-flight where we double check your file for quality and print issues. If there are issues with the file, your print job will be paused until you upload a corrected print file. To avoid delays in your printed roll up banner in Mississauga, please ensure that your file meets the following guidelines:

  • 250 to 300 DPI Resolution (Higher the Better)
  • Flattened Image (PDF or JPG file)
  • Correct Retractable Banner Stand Dimensions
  • CMYK Color Space
  • Please do not upload PSD or AI files!