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Table Top Retractable Roll Up Banner


The Ulta table top retractable roll up banner stand is the perfect marketing tool for exhibitions, expos, trade shows, private events and business locales. Our table top roll up banner is available in three popular sizes – making it the perfect professional solution for marketing your business. Our low-cost table top banners are the ideal solution for someone looking for a convenient and portable promotional tool. Start advertising your offers and specials right at the table!

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Roll Up City makes it easy to stand out, even with the toughest crowd! Now you can stand up and raise awareness with our retractable banners, roll up banners, pull up banners and stand up banners. When you’re hosting an event, promoting a product or service or simply trying to get some attention for your business – our table top roll up banners offer a high value for money! All our banners come assembled within a roll up stand and have a portable carrying case.

Designing Your Table Top Roll Up Banner

Need help designing your mini table top roll up banner? We recommend using a design freelancer from Fiverr or Upwork. They’ll provide good quality of work, at a price you can’t argue with. If you’re designing your own roll up banner, we would suggest using our retractable banner design templates. One thing you want to keep in mind when designing your own roll up banner is – keep your most important text, images, promotions and offers at eye level. You don’t want your viewers to look for what they have to see. As soon as someone makes eye contact with your banner – they need to see what it’s about! If you quickly skim through well-designed retractable banners; you’ll see exactly this!

Assembling Your Table Top Roll Up

All roll up banners are incredibly easy to assemble and it only takes mere seconds. Start by taking out the pole and extending it into its full length. Next, insert the pole into the bottom hole on the banner stand. On some stands, this may not be a hole, but rather a notch. Lastly, pull out the banner by holding onto the top bar of the banner and hook it onto the top of the pole. You now have you’re very own stand up banner full assembled, and it only took a few seconds.

One of the main reasons why most people prefer this banner solution is because it’s so easy to setup and move around. If you’re hosting events at various locations, you can put everything in the portable carrying bag and spring it onto your shoulder.

Frequently Asked Questions on Table Top Stand Up Banners

Q: How quickly are your table top pull up banners manufactured?
A: Choose from next day or 4-5 business days service options

Q: Do you also design banners and provide editing service?
A: Yes, we do! Simply send us an email for more information.

Q: Do all table top retractable banners come with a case?
A: Yes!

Q: What is the size of the most popular table top stand up banner?
A: Our most popular size is 11×18 inches

Q: How long will my banner last?
A: Table top roll up signs are meant for indoor use, and they will last upwards of five hundred uses and more

Q: Do you have a design template used for designing table top roll up banners?
A: Yes, please download your template on our retractable banner templates page.

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11 x 18


13oz Matte Vinyl

Production Time

4-5 Business Days, Next Business Day


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