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Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Protective Shields

These protective clear plastic sneeze guards for counters, desks, service counters, nail salons and other businesses will help protect everyone. Our protective shields will keep your essential service workers, front-line staff and customers protected from droplets, sneezes, coughs, bacteria and germs. Stay protected during these trying times with these barriers:

  • – Manufactured with 3/16 inch thick PETG / Acrylic
  • – Optional opening measuring 6″ x 8″ inches
  • – Optional supports/legs for the shield
  • – Easy installation, no tools needed
  • – Simple and quick to clean with wipes
  • – 7 sizes to choose from

Order your sneeze guards in Canada to get your items shipped with business day shipping to Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Halifax and many other Canadian cities.

We’re also making durable protective face shields in Canada.

All sizes are in inches. Manufacturing 7-10 business days. Please note UPS/FedEx are under increased volumes, delivery times will vary.



protective sneeze guard legs

Our clear plastic sneeze guards are in high demand currently, as we deploy them to our business customers. These protective shields, sneeze guards, cough guards and protective barriers are meant to keep essential workers safe from droplets.

In a time where businesses are beginning to open up, protective shields are becoming necessary to keeping your customers, employees and patrons safe. These are meant to protect essential workers from harmful droplets, germs and sneezes.

Our acrylic sneeze guards for counter tops, desks, banks, nail salons and sales counters are made from acrylic or 3/16-inch PETG. The material used for production will depend on volume availability. There are optional features that come with the sneeze guard such as the stabilizing feet and/or the opening for business interaction.

Self-Standing Plexiglass Sneeze Guards

Our self-standing sneeze guards and protective shields are made from clear plastic, that is highly durable, easy to clean and wipe down. You can use Lysol wipes, disinfectants or alcohol based cleaners on the protective shields. All our sneeze guards for nail salons and counters are made from PETG and cut to the right size.

Our sneeze guards and protective shields are easy to install, with no tools needed. You can install the protective acrylic shields in less than 2 minutes, using the 10-inch stabilizing feet.

You can create holders, stands or slits for the acrylic plastic that will hold your acrylic sheet. Alternatively, our optional 10-inch feet’s can hold up your protective shields.

Protecting Essential Front Line Workers with Sneeze Guards

When you have essential workers in your line of business, you need to keep them protected all the time. Whether you own a grocery store, retail store, convenience store, takeout restaurant, clinic or service office – you need to install protective sneeze guards.

The sneeze guards are affordable, easy to install and they will last a long time.

If you need custom size sneeze guards, we can also custom cut acrylic for you. With our wholesale pricing for sneeze guards, you can maximize your dollars for all your locations at once. We ship across the country and to the U.S.

Multiple Sized Cough Guards

We have protective shields and sneeze guards that are cut to size for various counters, service desks, tables, offices and spaces. There are seven sizes for the sneeze guard, plus custom sizes available. Roll Up City aims to keep prices low and affordable for protective shields, face shields and sneeze guards for cars.

We currently carry the following sizes:

  • 23.5 inches x 23.5 inches
  • 23.5 inches x 31.25 inches
  • 23.75 inches x 35.5 inches
  • 33.5 inches x 31.25 inches
  • 31.25 inches x 36 inches
  • 31.25 inches x 43.5 inches
  • 31.25 inches x 47 inches

With nationwide shipping from coast to coast, you can have your sneeze guards delivered to you within days of shipping. Most greater metropolitan areas will receive orders in Eastern Canada within two business days of shipping.

Sneeze Guards for Nail Salons, Pedicures and Manicures

If you own a nail salon offering manicures and pedicures, you need to keep both your customers and service workers protected. It is best to remain proactive and install sneeze guards for nail salons. Our protective shields are meant to keep droplets away from each other. You can also quickly wipe down these shields with soap and water.

On the pedicure service station, you want to keep the barrier between the worker and the feet, but the shield has to be high enough. When the shield is high enough, it can prevent droplets from travelling from the customer to the worker.

In some Canadian cities, we’ve developed protective barriers between customers as well so that it limits the amount of droplets that travel across the floor.

Protective Sneeze Guards for Bars, Clubs and Malls

In Canada and the United States, some cities and states are starting to open public places such as bars, clubs and malls. With these non-essential services opening, it’s crucial that owners and operators keep places safe for everyone. With patrons coming in and out of these establishments and being in close contact with others – a sneeze guard is crucial. Our clear protective sneeze guards for bars, clubs and restaurants will help keep everyone safe.

There are many personal service establishments that will be needed protective equipment such as masks and face shields, but also cough guards and barriers. Our sneeze guards for tattoo and piercing studios will help artists and customers safe.

Glass Barrier for Reception Desks and Dentists

sneeze guard protective sizesRoll Up City has been working closely with many dental practices across Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Kingston to offer glass barriers for reception desks. Our versatile and sturdy sneeze guards for dentists, eye care professionals and ophthalmology clinics have helped many businesses. When working with customers and patients who are in close proximity, it is important to set up appropriate cough guards for reception desks.

When you are working in eye care, you may be sitting in front of the patients for procedures such as injections. In these cases, we recommend wearing a mask. However, for your front line staff that work reception desks, counters, and help desks – please put up an affordable sneeze guard.

We are offering Canadian and U.S. businesses with cheap sneeze guards so that your budget is not several impacted. Our affordable pricing, low price shipping and mass quantity discount is what makes our acrylic plastic clear protective shields a definite option for your front-line.

Hanging Sneeze Guard and Splash Shields

Our dual purpose sneeze guards are meant to be used for either counter tops or hanging protection. These splash shields are more effective when they are fastened to desks, counter-tops and flat surfaces where customers interact.

As we head into the second wave of the pandemic situation, it’s important that all types of businesses do their part. This includes pharmacies, theaters, daycare’s, campgrounds, gas stations, auctioneers, pawn brokers, jewelers. textiles, yoga, libraries, tour operators and galleries.

Are you ready to order your protective face shields and sneeze guards? Get started by ordering online, giving us a call or emailing us. We’re available around the clock to provide support when needed.

Additional information

Size (H x W)

23.5 x 23.5 in, 31.25 x 23.5 in, 31.25 x 33.5 in, 31.5 x 43.5 in, 35.5 x 23.75 in, 31.25 x 36 in, 31.25 x 47 in


8" W x 6" H


10” x 5” Feet (x2), No Stand

Production Time

7-10 Business Days

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  1. Vincent Nguyen

    Ordered extra sneeze guards for my restaurant on the weekend, got my shipment today. Good product, will be ordering for our other stores in Alberta.

  2. Erica Lourdes

    Quality is superb, received our order today.

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