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Roll Up Banner Stand Lights

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A retractable banner stand light offers your roll up banner the attention that it deserves. Whether your venue is dimly lit or brightly lit – a LED banner stand light will add that extra pop every time! Our roll up banner lights are perfectly designed to clip onto all pull up banner stands – so you can use them with your Economical/Standard and Deluxe banner models.



Roll Up City recommends using a banner light for your retractable banner stands because it brings attention to what the banner is advertising. Our LED retractable banner stand lights are LED, which saves money on energy costs and lasts longer than halogen bulbs. Our banner lights will fit all roll up banners, as they are a universally designed fit, as long as the poles are at most 0.75-inches in diameter. The clamp will just clamp onto the pole and you can adjust the  height of the light.

LED light bulbs for banner stands are the best option for customers looking to bring some attention/light to their already vibrant banners. The lights just have to be plugged in – no on/off switch to start it up. If you have several banners in one place , simply get a surge protector and plug all your lights in to save the hassle of having to find multiple outlets for your banner lights.

Retractable Banner Stands with Lights

Believe it or not, but most people only have their stand up banners showcased for their events. If people see a banner light on your banner, it will definitely catch some people off-guard. This is definitely something you want to do – because, even if the design doesn’t catch someone’s attention – the light illuminating the banner will get people to look.

When you have your roll up banner designed, we would suggest you head on over to our roll up banner section and choose between our Economical and Deluxe models. It all depends on the banner stand you want to get. Our most popular is the Economical stand sitting at 33 inches in width.

Orders are processed the same day if ordered by noon, and the next day if the orders are placed after noon. Please note there are shipping charged for banner lights and banner stands.


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