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Protective Face Shield Sneeze Guard

protective face shield for men and women to stay protected from droplets, sneezes, bacteria, dust and to ensure their safety. The face shield is easy to put on and will offer a full day of protection. Keep your employees, customers and yourself protected during this post-pandemic season. Whether you’re in the healthcare sector or customer service business, stay protected with our protective face shield.

  • – Material used is 10mil clear PET
  • – Foam forehead cushion for comfort
  • – Elastic headband for adjustable sizing
  • – A product made in Canada

Want personalized face shields with your company logo? Please see our personalized printed face shields.

Under FDA requirements of 21 CFR 177.1630, these shields (PET) meet the guidelines. 



When it comes to essential and non-essential workers in Canada, there is significant recommendation for a face shield. A front line essential product like this protective face shield will help workers such as:

  • Front-line health care workers
  • ER workers, paramedics
  • Health care workers attending to animals
  • Dental and vision professionals
  • Retail service customer agents, service employees and grocery store workers

How to Wear the Protective Face Shield

Protective Face Shield MeasurementsTo begin, you need to stretch the elastic band so that you can get the top of the shield over your head. Once your forehead lines up with the foam insole of the shield, you can slowly let go of the elastic band. The measurements of the face shield visor are the following:

  • 9.0 inch foam that is 1.0 inch tall, and 1.5 inches thick
  • The visor shield is 10 inches high and 15 inches wide
  • The elastic band is 0.5-1.0 inches thick

How to Clean your Face Shield

It’s highly recommended that you clean both sides of the face shield with a combination of soap and water. The soapFace Shield Washing will ensure that there are no droplets left behind on the shield. If you want to apply a sanitizing liquid, you can do so with a towel. However, do not use strong chemicals to clean the cover. When not using your covering, keep it in a dry and clean area, and throw away after seven days of using it.

Keeping Front-line Workers Safe

Our face shields for sale are affordable and come with quick free shipping through our national carriers. With a protective face shield with elastic band and comfort sponge – you can ensure that your workers are well-protected.

The list can definitely go on with additional non-essential businesses starting to open here in Canada. It’s known that the second wave of the virus will hit Canada after the summer, so it’s best to keep your customers and workers protected. These face shields are easily accessible here in Canada, we offer free shipping and you can count on quality on every piece.

protective face shield in Canada doesn’t have to be a troublesome purchase for your or your company. We have several thousand units available for sale and can provide your business with the appropriate protective equipment. Our face shields in Canada are suitable for individual use only and is not meant to be shared with others.

FDA Compliant Face ShieldThe FDA approved face shield visor with free shipping in Canada is also available with printed branding. If you want a branded face shield, you can order your personalized face shields. These items can carry the name of your dental practice, the name of your hospital, the name of your business or your company logo.

Features and Benefits of the Personal Protective Face Shield for Workers

  • Made in Canada, with FDA approved requirements
  • Protection for your face from dust, bacteria, droplets, coughs and sneezes
  • The transparent and clear shield will allow you to see everything
  • Adjustable band makes this a universal face protector
  • Washable and reusable face shield, but recommended to dispose after 7 days of consistent use

There are plenty of benefits from using a face sneeze guard in the workplace. Whether you work in dental, eye care, education, banking, grocery stores, retail – this is a definite protective equipment.

Ready to place your order for clear full face shield visor mask? We offer wholesale face shields in Canada, with free shipping from door-to-door.

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