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Econo Roll Up Banner Stand


Most event planners, organizations, businesses and schools are now using roll up banner stands to showcase their offerings and services. A retractable banner is easy to carry around, quick to setup and highly cost-efficient. If you’re looking for a viable advertising/marketing solution – we would definitely recommend using a pull up banner stand. This product is just a 33-inch wide roll up banner stand, ready to be setup with a printed banner.



Are you printing company, marketing company or graphic designer looking to print your own roll up banner? All you need to have your own roll up banner is this stand. Our Econo roll up banner stand is 33-inches wide, comes with a portable carrying case and has a 3M ready to stick peeler.

How to Install a Banner on a Roll Up Stand

All our econo, standard and deluxe retractable banner stands come with a locking key that locks the spring from pulling in. Once you have the 3M sticker out of the casing, you will peel off the sticky portion and stick on your printed banner. We also recommend adding your own layer of double-sided tape for added reassurance. Roll Up City double checks this to make sure that all our banners are ready to rolled in-and-out for several hundred uses. Once you have the banner properly fastened to the bottom peeler, you can move onto the last step.

The last step in installing the banner on the stand is clipping on the header bar – which will look in with the supporting pole. The header bar snaps over a half-inch of the banner – so no important information will be lost. You can now remove the key – but when you do, please hold onto the banner. Once you feel that the spring has been released, you need to slowly let the banner roll into the casing. If you don’t do this, your banner will quickly slide into the casing and may cause some unexpected damage.

Can You Re-Use a Pull-Up Banner Stand

While most retailers will tell you not to re-use your retractable banner stand, we’ve mastered the technology to let you know that it is possible; under certain conditions. If you’re planning on re-using your banner stand, you want to make sure that you use it carefully. The only difficult component here is the bottom of the banner that sticks onto the roller portion. We recommend snipping off the old banner at the edge of the peeler. Next, you will need to apply highly adhesive double sided tape onto the roller portion and apply your new banner to it. It can be difficult depending on the material you used for printing your banner. However, we do recommend using 10mil vinyl banner material.


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