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Deluxe Roll Up Stand Pole + Holder


If you already have a deluxe/premium retractable banner stand, and just require the stand pole and holder – we’ve got you covered. You can order your roll up banner pole and holder today! Please keep in mind that Roll Up City carries other parts and components for the retractable banner stand as well.



Do you have a deluxe roll up banner stand but missing some notable components, such as the pole and holder? Roll Up City – as in the name; carries a selection of critical parts and components for roll up banners. We sell roll up banner stands – both the economical and deluxe models, the carrying case for both models as well as the pole and holder for the premium deluxe model.

How to Put a Retractable Banner Together?

If you’ve ordered a roll up banner and need to put it together – we can help. The great thing about retractable pull up banners is that they are very easy to transport, setup and disassemble. You can have your stand up banner set up in less than 30 seconds!

First, begin by taking your roll up out of your carrying case and extend the pole to its full length. It will need to be extended to the full length as there is no middle ground (the banner will be printed to the full height). Next, lay the banner stand on the ground and pull out its legs so that they are perpendicular to the stand. Once done, extend the banner out, hold it in position and insert the pole in the holder at the base. While doing this, you’re going to hang the banner on the extended pole. Be very careful not to let go of the banner, because it will snap back into the stand and it can cause damage to the printed banner. The spring that holds the banner in place is under a lot of tension, so that final note is key.

All this should only take you a few seconds. It’s one of the reasons why many companies, organizations, event planners, and marketers prefer using retractable banner signs.

When taking it apart, you need to begin by remove the banner from the holder and slowly let it into the stand. Once done, you can remove the pole and disassemble it, and kick back the legs of the stand and package everything back into the carrying case.

One thing we love about our roll up carrying case is that, no matter what – you’ll always be able to fit your pull up stand and pole back into the case. The carrying bag is built to just the right size so that it fits anyway you put it in.

A few of the components Roll Up City carries includes the Economical Retractable Banner StandEcono Carrying BagDeluxe Carrying BagDeluxe Stand Pole and Holder as well as the Roll Up Banner Locking Key (used when attaching and removing a printed banner).


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