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With the recent business openings across Canada and the U.S. many business owners have been searching for portable sneeze guard with access hole.

Checkout Counter Sneeze Guard

Our fast free shipping with sneeze guards makes our option a must for many businesses. Let’s get back to business and start our economy moving again, while staying protected.

These portable sneeze guards are ideal for a number of businesses. Whether you’re in the food industry, healthcare or retail – they will work just fine.

We carry a selective range of acrylic sneeze guards with access hole measuring 8 inches wide and 6 inches high. Our sneeze guards are made from high quality PETG with a thickness of 3/16 inch.

Cheap Sneeze Guards for Counters and Desks

It’s evident that business has been tough with all the closings and cuts. It’s one of the reasons why we’re offering affordable pricing on these protective sneeze guards. Our low price sneeze guards for nail salons, grocery stores, banks, restaurants and counters is a hot commodity.

protective sneeze guard legs

A sneeze guard with pass through will still allow your customers to maintain business transactions, while staying safe. Even though your employees may wear a mask – these acrylic sneeze guards will help you stay the part and show your customers that you care.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small counter, large counter, service desk or nail salon station. Our seven sizes for protective shields make it the right choice. We currently have seven sizes of sneeze guards that can help you find the right fit for you.

A few optional features include the 8 x 6 inch opening as well as the 10-inch leg supports (these are $13/guard). Even with the legs, the portable sneeze guard with access hole can be moved from one location to another.

Sneeze Guard for Office Desk

Looking for an affordable sneeze guard for office desks? We carry multiple sizes of this protective acrylic shield that can be used as a barrier.

When you plan to go back to work, it’s important to setup these acrylic barriers. These barriers/protective shields will help keep you safe from unwanted cough droplets, sneeze bacteria and germs.

Roll Up City carries seven sneeze guards for office desks, from as small as 2 feet wide to 4 feet wide. If ordering protective shields for your office space, you can choose to get them without the opening.

In the office, your cleaners can clean the acrylic shield. It’s recommended to use water and soap for the best results. Within a few seconds, you can clean both sides of the acrylic shield and have it dried.

If you are using standoffs for installation, you can order the sneeze guards for office desks and not worry about the legs. The legs for the sneeze guard are only for counters, grocery checkout lanes, bank counters, service desks and nail salons.

sneeze guard protective sizes
Sneeze Guards in 7 Different Sizes

We’ve recently helped a number of businesses in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa that have used these guards at nail salons.

Sneeze Guard for Nail Table and Manicure Table

Do you have a nail table or manicure table and need a sneeze guard? We carry multiple sizes of nail salon sneeze guards. These vary in sizes from as small as 23.5 inches to as wide 47 inches.

These sneeze guards are ideal for a nail salon – as they will help keep your customers, patrons and nail technicians safe and healthy.

When your customer’s see how much effort you are putting in place to keep the place safe – they will make recommendations to your business. Stay ahead of the industry and invest in the right sneeze guard for your nail salon tables.

These protective guards can also be used in any other business that involves close contact with customers. For example, a dental clinic or eye clinic can also use these sneeze guards.

You can place your order online for your sneeze guards today.