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If you’re a realtor, you know the power that lies in marketing and how effective a custom real estate roll up banner is. A majority of our clients are industry professionals who use retractable banners to showcase their offers or to promote themselves.

With so many realtors in the market, you need to identify key reasons for why someone should choose you. Whether it’s your experience, knowledge of the neighborhood, extensive network, access to funding or ability to negotiate – these are all important to advertise.

Often times, you will see realtors who advertise their service with simply a “Looking to Buy or Sell Your Home? Call Me” approach. If you can distinguish yourself from the other realtors – you will always have the lead.

Our graphic designers can help you design your very own custom real estate roll up banner or sign. We will make sure to abide by your agency rules to use any logo’s or emblems, while showcasing the values and expertise you bring.

Why Roll Up Banners Are Great for Realtors

When you have an open house, you get people into the house by placing signs outside. These signs may be on the lawn out front, or they may be signs along the main road directing people to your open house.

Once you have your potential buyers in the home, you need to sell yourself. A retractable roll up banner is an excellent option for one of many reasons. To begin, it is incredibly easy to setup and very portable. We assemble your roll up for use and send it to you in a carrying case.

Every time you have an open house, networking event or meetup – you can bring your retractable banner and have it setup within seconds. When you are done, you simply unhook the banner and it rolls back into the stand.

Most realtors use retractable pull up banners because they are so simple to use. Especially with how affordable they have become, it only makes sense to use this professional print marketing tool.

Roll Up City is a proud Canadian provider of retractable roll up banners. We offer same day and next day printing services and ship our products from coast to coast. For all your real estate banner printing in Canada – don’t hesitate to see what we can do for you!