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When you find yourself traveling for business, expos, trade shows and events – you will often ask yourself – how do I travel with my banners or marketing material. This is exactly why Roll Up City recommends the retractable roll up banner for travel.

When we build your retractable roll up banner, we will always package it in a complimentary roll up banner carrying bag. The bag is built to last and makes it easy to carry around – whether you are moving from city to city or putting it within your check-in luggage. This is how to travel with a retractable roll up banner in Vancouver.

Retractable roll up banners are assembled and placed in a strong Economical or Deluxe banner stand – which protects your banner from damage when it isn’t being used.

The roll up banner is a cost-effective and affordable print marketing tool that is currently being used by several thousand business professionals in Canada. When you order your roll up banner from us – you can always count on guaranteed turnaround, premium print quality and a carrying case for travel.

Knowing how to travel with a retractable roll up banner in Vancouver and abroad is important. We’ve made it easy for thousands of customers over the last few years – and we continue to offer the best in quality and price.

Assembling Your Pull Up Banner for Safe Travel

Before you quickly pack up your roll up banner and head out – you need to make sure that everything is put away properly. For example, an improperly retracted stand up banner can damage the ends of your banner.

To begin, you want to remove the stand up pole that holds the banner and slowly let the banner retract into the banner stand. The banner needs to be fully retracted and when done right – none of the banner should be visible outside the stand.

Next, you want to make sure the legs of the banner stand are turned parallel to the banner stand. When it is being used, the legs would be turned perpendicular to the banner stand.

Lastly, you want to take the pole and disassemble and place it in the carrying bag – but on the same side as the legs (and not the front where the banner comes out of). If you have a banner stand locking key – ensure that it is safely fastened to the clip on the bottom of the stand. For safe keeping, some people may choose to keep the key alone somewhere else.

If you follow these steps on how to travel with a retractable roll up banner, you should be able to keep it safe from wear/tear and damage from frequent travel.

For additional information on retractable banner signs, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.