How To Change the Banner on Your Roll Up Stand

Knowing how to change the banner on your roll up stand is a good skill to have – especially considering how much money you can save! Do you find yourself purchasing multiple retractable banners for new offerings, products, trade shows and events? One thing you may have asked yourself is whether you could just print the banner and re-attach it to the banner stand. The quick and simple answer is, yes!

change the banner on your banner stand
Changing the Banner on a Roll Up Retractable Stand

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to first take a look at the banner stand you are using. Today, pull up banner stands are available in multiple sizes, formats, and material. However, when you are looking to change the banner on your roll up stand, here is what you need to consider:

  1. The width and height of the current banner on the stand
  2. The type of material used for the current banner on the stand

Once you have this information, you can order your new banner under the same specifications. The most common retractable sign is the 33 x 81 inches model – but there are other variants that are slightly off by a few inches. Remember to measure the width and height accurately and see if there are other suppliers online who offer this roll up banner + stand combo. It will provide you with some assurance that this size does exist in the market.

The material is important, as something heavier may not be suitable for your banner stand. If you try attaching a banner that is heavier, it will cause the stand to fall over. If you are not sure what material to print your new banner on, simply choose the lightweight 10mil vinyl banner material.

No Current Banner on Your Stand

If you don’t have a banner that is currently on your banner stand, you will need to measure the inside slit of the roller. This is the portion of the banner stand that comes out to attach to your printed banner. Similarly, you could also measure the header bar which holds the banner straight at the top. If you need help with this, don’t hesitate to contact the Roll Up City team. We will help you even if you aren’t a client of ours!

Removing the Old Banner and Adding a New Banner

When you are removing the old banner – you will roll out the entire banner until you see the sticky portion. You will then cut the current banner with an exacto knife (make sure you are cutting straight). Your new banner will need to be printed with extra bleed on the bottom (we recommend at least 3 inches). The extra 3 inches of the banner will attach onto the sticky roller portion – you can use duct tape or any strong tape to attach them together. Just remember not to add too many layers, as the banner needs space to roll back inside.

We don’t recommend using only double sided tape, as some of these tapes are not strong enough. You will be pulling and rolling back this banner several times, and you definitely don’t want the banner to snap!

There you go folks, you can save money when you learn to change the banner on your roll up stand. If you want to add some flare to your banner, we would also suggest that you get a LED banner light for your stand!