Car Door Magnets Toronto

Get Your Custom Printed Car Door Magnets

Whether you’re running a business storefront, at-home business or online-only business, you can benefit from printed car door magnets. A car magnet for the door is one of the cheapest advertising tools on the market. You can be advertising your business on the road, whether you’re on a business or personal trip.

Our printed car door magnets are custom designed and printed and they’re available on a thin but strong material. Our smooth surface vehicle door magnet is the perfect solution for any type of vehicle. Our vehicle door magnets can be used on cars, vans, trucks, boats, cruises, office locations and more.

We accept all types of car magnet designs for print, as long as they are sent to us in the right format. These car door magnets are fully custom printed in full color with edge-to-edge printing.

Before you go further, let’s have a look at the benefits of printing a car door magnet for your business:

  • Our printed car door magnets are suitable for all flat surfaces that are metal/magnetic.
  • It’s a cheap advertising solution that can serve many uses.
  • It won’t damage the paint on your car, van or truck.
  • There are many car door magnet sizes to choose from.
  • All magnetic door signs come with free shipping.

Additionally, it’s important to take care of your car door sign magnets, by cleaning the surface before applying the magnet. If you remove the magnetic sign and re-use it on different cars – remember to peel and apply with care.

Our magnetic vehicle signs are printed in different sizes, all based on your custom preference. These car door magnets 12 x 24 and car door magnets 18 x 24 are our most popular option among our customers. We have business customers, individuals and large companies who purchase these car door magnets for business.

How to Use Magnets for Car Door for Advertising

There are some important design tricks to keep in mind when designing your car door magnets. If you will be using these magnet signs for your car – it’s important that you design with that in mind.

Often times, you will be driving by passerby. If you want them to be able to pick up on the details on the sign – you need to keep the text to a minimum. If you have a logo and color concept for your business – please do use this for your printed car door magnet.

As for the contact information, people will likely search for your business online to search for the contact details. Again, it is wise to ensure that your online business details are all up to date.

There are many people who use Staples car door magnets for advertising and business purposes. On a daily basis, people are used to seeing advertising on a bus, on a bus shelter or on large trucks. It is almost rare to see a car door magnet these days. For this reason, we believe, it is wise for any business to take advantage of this and raise awareness on the streets.

Our large car door magnets can be printed in 24 hours, and you’ll have it with you within the next day or two. It’s never been so easy to print your custom car door magnets. We believe that you will love the quality of our door magnets for your van, truck or car.

The Best Cheap Car Door Magnet at Wholesale Price

Our cheap car door magnets are priced well below the retail value on the market. As an online only printing shop, we’re able to save considerable cost figures. At the end of the day, we can share these cost figures with our customers.

If you’re looking for a cheap car door magnet for your business, look no further than Roll Up City. At Roll Up City, we specialize in full color printing of business banners, banner printing, roll up banners, x-stand banners and large car door magnets.

Our car magnets printing service also offers all customers with the option to choose from rounded corners or square corners.

Need other large format printing? We can offer our customers with wholesale pricing on backdrop banners and banner printing. Our banners are printed on 13oz vinyl with a matte finish with optional hems/grommets. There are no additional costs for these options. All our orders ship for free across the country.