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In the last few years, Roll Up City has become a Canadian favorite for Photographers, Event Planners, Corporate Event Venues and Hosts as we print custom step-and-repeat banners on vinyl – both matte and vinyl. We’ve become a trusted source for lightweight, versatile and affordable printed custom backdrop banners in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg to name a few.

step-and-repeat backdrop banner is a must have for any type of corporate and social event. In most cases, a step-and-repeat backdrop banner is used for highlighting the sponsors of an event, or indicating where that photo was taken. For example, if you’re at a wedding; the banner would say who is getting married along with the date. This printed backdrop would be used as the photo booth backdrop. Today, many people will choose to take a selfie, so taking one in front of the backdrop banner will bring attention to the sponsors, hosts of the events, etc.

For backdrops Canada or backdrops Toronto, look no further than Roll Up City. We offer one of the best prices in the industry for retail backdrop banner printing. We stand by the high quality print, next day print service and our trusted partnership with our logistics carriers. If you’re looking for a rush banner printing service, we can definitely be there with you!

Are you a Photographer? We offer amazing prices on backdrop banners for photography. We print our banners on premium vinyl material (Matte) or you can choose from other materials upon availability.

For all your backdrops in Canada, you can depend on the trusted source for banners. We can print media backdrops in sizes up to 16FT on the shortest side. We get questions about the services we offer for our media backdrop printing in Canada, so we’ll cover some below.

Printing the Best Media Backdrop for Your Next Event

What makes a media backdrop stand out at your event? There are a few things to consider, which includes the design, size, material and placement.

A vinyl media backdrop should be printed in a neutral color so that it pairs well for your photo session. The most common option is to choose a white background with a selection of logos and sponsor announcements. If this is a person event such as a wedding, you’ll often use the space to outline the wedding’s groom and bride + the date of the wedding.

In some cases, a step-and-repeat banner could be a full graphic design that includes pictures and text, like the one’s you see below. The design can really make and break the likelihood that people will use your backdrop for their photo session and selfies.

The material can play a role, but it’s usually a preference for the host as the banner might have to be hung on the wall or a backdrop banner stand. If you’re banner needs to be hung on the wall, we would recommend printing it on a lighter material. If you have media backdrop stand, then you can most definitely print it on 13oz vinyl.

Roll Up City has been offering printed backdrops and custom banner printing in Ontario and other provinces for over 24 months. We’re a proud leader in large format printing in Canada.

If you want to custom order your step-and-repeat banners, please order online or email us at orders@rollupcity.com