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We’re one of the fastest providers of custom photo backdrop banner printing in Canada – with same day and next day production. In some cases, we can even rush your print orders to production within the first two hours! Whether you’re a small business, non-profit or an individual looking to print a backdrop banner – you’re our customer at the end of the day!

Printed Backdrops for Weddings and Parties

If you’ve been to recent weddings and parties in the new 21st Century; you would have seen how they’ve evolved. Today, if you don’t see a photobooth at a wedding or party – you immediately notice this lacking component. A printed backdrop has become a staple nowadays, as this is what highlights the event you are at. If you’re at a wedding, the backdrop will highlight the people getting married, as well as the date of the event. It serves as the picturesque souvenir on your photo.

Roll Up City offers one of the best backdrop printing in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and many other major Canadian cities. We have the ability to print backdrops as large as 16ft on the shortest side – beating out the majority of the printing services out in the market today. The following backdrop features are available when you’re placing your order:

  • Optional pole pockets on the top, bottom or both
  • Grommets around the banner in either 1FT or 2FT gaps
  • Optional backdrop banner stand (up to 8ft x 10ft)

We’re also proud of our expert graphic designers who help hundreds of our clients in creating amazing artwork. We can help you design your next backdrop banner for your event, party, wedding or business.

Special Instructions for Backdrop Banners

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are designing your own backdrop banner. Make sure that you have decided on the size of your banner. The banner size should be a standard size, as you will need to get a stand that fits this size. The most common backdrop banner measures 8ft x 8ft, but we’re beginning to see larger sizes today.

We recommend designing your artwork in at least 150DPI resolution using CMYK colors. Additionally, if you are saving your image as PDF – make sure you flatten the image to reduce the file size. Most printing companies will not accept PSD or AI files with your work. Once we receive your backdrop files, we will put them through pre-flight to ensure it is safe for print.

Lastly, make sure that your artwork is at least 3 inches from the top/bottom (if you are requesting pocket poles). Ready to order your own backdrop banner? Start your order today and email us at orders@rollupcity.com if you have any questions!