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In Toronto, Ontario – we offer large format printing including backdrop banner printing and retractable roll up banners. We’ve become an online leader in rush large format printing with fast turnarounds.

If you’re looking for a business printing service that can deliver great results every time – you’ve found it. Roll Up City prides itself as a Canadian printing service delivering backdrop banners, roll up banners, table top banners and more.

Do you need a custom business backdrop banner or event backdrop banner? Do you have all the logos that will be used for the banner? If yes, simply send us an email today with your logos and we’ll design your banner for you. For step-and-repeat banners in Toronto, Ontario – we only ask for a design fee of $15.00 CAD along with the print-fee.

Whether you’re a business, school, university, charity, club, or event planner – use our backdrop printing service today. We can print your banners the same day or next day for an unbeatable price. Our print products are shipped for free using national carriers across the country.

Backdrop Banner Printing in Toronto, Ontario

In the last few months, we’ve helped photobooth companies, trade show managers and wedding planners with their backdrop needs. If you take a look at some of the backdrop banner designs below, you’ll see why our customers love our work. We can design and print your banners the same day or next day – for a great low price. It does not get any better!

Our backdrop banners are printed on 13oz matte vinyl with optional pocket poles on the top and bottom. If you need a backdrop banner stand, you can email us to purchae or you can rent one in the Greater Toronto Area.

It is crucial that your print-ready files be print-ready. A file will not be print-ready if there are issues with the file, quality, size or resolution. The following are the large format printing guidelines for backdrop designs.

Resolution: 150-300DPI
Size: Final Product Size with 1-inch Bleed
File Format: PDF (Preferred) or JPG (Okay)
Color Space: CMYK

We recommend that you design backdrop banners on Adobe PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator, and save the image as a PDF. Furthermore, if you’re using images on your banner, please make sure they are high-quality. If you stretch small images to fit the larger banner, it may become blurry. It’s why we recommend using vector images and vector logos for large format print products.

Our backdrop banners in Toronto, Ontario have become a very popular option for many clubs and bars. When hosting events that are sponsored by various third-party companies, it’s a great way to highlight the sponsors. Your guests will often time take photos in front of the banner and once they’re shared on social media, they’ll add brand value to those sponsors.

Why Choose a Banner Printing Specialist for Your Large Prints

We understand that you may already have a business printing supplier, who you’ve worked with for business cards, flyers and the usual. Most professionals believe in using a specialists because of just that. The experience that we have exists within the large format printing business. We’ve seen it all when it comes to large print designs, and can troubleshoot common issues.

We use the best-in-class Roland Technology for printing vinyl banners, canvas and mesh. Our experts know how to design for large banners taking into consideration viewing distance and scale.

Leaders for Retractable Roll Up Banner Printing in Toronto, Ontario

One of the most powerful, affordable and easy to setup print-advertising tools is the roll up banner. These stand up banners in Edmonton have helped businesses of all scale. You see these types of pull up banners at schools, banks, government offices, tournaments and churches to name a few.

With the high rate of use of these banners, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider this for your business or organization. We have floor retractable banners and table top retractable banners. Sometimes, you want the customer who meets you at your desk to read what you’re offering. The uses for table top and floor bannners are simply endless.

These Toronto stand up banners are easy to move around, quick to setup and they’re good for several hundred uses. If you’re careful with how they are used, you can get many uses out of your stand. Yes, you can change the banner on your roll up banner stand. We have a guide on how to replace the banner on your banner stand.

Mini Table Top Retractable Banner Printing in Toronto, Ontario

We’ve discussed the value that you get from these advertising/marketing tools, but we haven’t highlighted design issues. Similar to backdrops, there are critical design elements you need to keep in mind for table top retractable banners.

Tip #1 – You need to keep the most important information on the top 75% of the banner design. When people look at your banner, they’re eyes will immediately focus to the middle of the banner – so take advantage of this!

Tip #2 – You shouldn’t use multiple colors for your banner, to avoid making it look busy. In fact, we recommend a combination of three colors at most. You can always use company colors, as this will add consistency to your print products.

Finally, if you’re designing a backdrop banner, roll up banner, canvas or any print item – please see our template section. Our design templates will give you clarity on the safe areas of print, bleed area and cut lines. These are critical elements that may delay print if not properly considered.

Ready to start saving your advertising dollars with our large format printing service in Toronto? Get in touch with us by email at orders@rollupcity.com.