Can You Write or Use Dry Erase Markers on Vinyl Banners

When printing banners from us – a wide range of customers are always interested in whether you can write on vinyl banners. Yes, you can write on vinyl banners with a pen, permanent marker or even a dry erase marker. We do not recommend writing on vinyl banners with a highlighter or crayon – as it won’t be too legible and clear.

Why Would You Need to Write on Vinyl Banners?

Our customer’s come to us for printing for various types of events. We have printed custom vinyl banners, backdrop banners and roll up banners for a range of industries, occasions and levels of government.

If you are printing a championship banner, you might have the players from the winning team sign the banner. It is a highly common practice that’s seen around the world. If this is the case, you can use a permanent market to sign the vinyl banner. Furthermore, it’s not like you want those signatures to go away.

You can also write on vinyl banners for a range of other reasons, such as a business event where you need to add on information during a presentation. We have business customers who print large scale vinyl banners with their excel reports and presentation slides. Moreover, it offers them a way to display a hard copy of their work, and add on information as needed.

There are endless reasons why you may want to write on vinyl banners, but just remember that we have those options available. We print on 13oz matte vinyl banner material (Scrim Vinyl) which allows for writing. It’s recommended that you write with a permanent marker (fine tip or not) for the best results.

Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Vinyl Banners

Unfortunately, if you’re planning to write with a dry erase marker on your vinyl banner – the writing cannot be erased as easily. However, with some soap and warm water, you can definitely get the writing off. Please do keep in mind that chemical cleaning products are not to be used on vinyl banners, as they can quickly cause damage.

Roll Up City offers a range of large format printing products that include custom sized vinyl banners, retractable roll up banners, x-stand banners, car door magnets, canvas printing and backdrop banners. All our products can be written on with a permanent marker. For the best results, we’ve always recommended using a fine-tip Sharpie.

recycle vinyl banners

Once you are done with using the vinyl banner – you might have no future use for it. It’s common practice to throw out the banner in the trash, but we have alternative recycling solutions. In today’s eco-friendly printing industry, we are all trying to do our part. Roll Up City has written an article on if you can recycle vinyl banners – and the answer is yes. There are options available for us to recycle and re-use the vinyl banner materials.

If you are ready to place your order for your custom vinyl banners, please visit our Roll Up City main page to order.