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Are you thinking if you can replace the banner on a retractable banner stand? We’ll help you with changing the banner on your stand, so that you don’t have to purchase a new stand. A typical economical banner stand will cost you anywhere from $30 to $40. However, by simply changing the banner – you can save money every time!

How to Replace the Banner on Your Stand

Step 1: Roll out the banner from the stand and have the locking key in the other hand.

Step 2: Insert the locking key in the key hole so that the banner does not spring back into the stand.

Step 3: With the banner out of the stand, you should see the 3M sticker that comes out of the banner to connect to the printer banner. Using an exacto knife, you want to cut the banner off at the very end of the banner.

Adding the New Banner to the Roll Up Stand

Step 4: Place high adhesive double-sided tape, place two strips on the remaining portion of the banner that comes out of the banner stand. It makes the the whole replace the banner on a retractable banner stand process much more worthwhile when you take extra adhesive precautions.

Step 5: Your new banner that you are installing on the banner stand should have at least 2-3 inches of usable space on the bottom. This space is what you will use to stick it onto the banner stand portion. If you feel you need additional adhesive, you can also add extra clear tape – but this may be an issue when you are trying to remove the banner later on.

Step 6: Once the new banner has been attached to the slip on the banner stand, you should slowly hold onto the extracted banner and remove the locking key. It will cause the banner to automatically roll in – so make sure to let it retract slowly.

There you have it; this is how you can replace the banner on a retractable banner stand.

If you’re thinking about doing this for your future promotions, you can consider buying a retractable banner stand from Roll Up City. We carry both the Econo and Deluxe models – both of which come with a carrying case. A highly sought after addition to the banner stand is the LED banner stand light that hooks to the supporting pole. The LED light gives the banner some much needed attention.

Ready to order your roll up banner online? Don’t hesitate to email us today to get started at orders@rollupcity.com.