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We are extremely green-focused to ensuring that you can recycle vinyl banners after use, so that recycling is possible. You can recycle our vinyl banners so that they are re-used to make other products.

For example, a Canadian company that makes tote bags is a leading vinyl banner recycling service. We get questions from customers about how well vinyl banners can be recycled, so we’ve invested in the logistics to offer a recycling service for printed banners.

The step-and-repeat backdrop banners and custom sized vinyl banners we print all quality for recycling.

Why You Should Recycle Vinyl Banners or Re-Use

On an annual basis, there are millions of tons of vinyl that end up in landfills. A significant portion of this landfill dump is comprised of vinyl banners. It’s important to remember that several million printed banners are produced – with the majority of these being used for only a few weeks or months.

Since most printed banners have a low life span, they end up in landfills very frequently. It’s one of the reasons why we promote vinyl banner recycling.

As leaders in the printing industry, this is definitely a concern for us. There are several ideologies that suggests the printing industry has not invested enough in the recycling and post-use consequences of our products. The reality is that vinyl banner recycling takes effort on part of both the producers and users. The users need to be willing to recycle, while the producers need to create options to make the process easier for customers.

All printed vinyl banners with grommets need to be stripped of the grommets prior to recycling. If you have questions about the process, please email us.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that re-using your vinyl banners is also an option to think about. If you have a banner that can be used in different places or at different times – please do so. You are not only saving money, but you are preventing the pile up of banner material in dumpsites.