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We often get questions from customers on whether we can iron vinyl banners, or steam vinyl banners to remove wrinkles. If you’ve kept your printed vinyl banners in storage for a long time, they may have wrinkles on them. It can be difficult to use these promotional banners when they have lines or marks on them.

If you have a wrinkled banner, and you are thinking of using an iron or steam on your vinyl banners – please follow these guidelines.

Full and Thorough Cleaning – Before you can iron vinyl banners, you need to fully wash the banner. It’s highly likely that there will be dust particles on the banner. The good news is that you can use soap and water to clean your vinyl banners. Remember to not use any high potent cleaners such as disinfectants. You can use regular dish soap or hand soap to wash your printed banners.

It is not recommended to use cleaners such as bleach on your vinyl banners, as they can quickly cause damage to the material and ink quality.

Proper Storage for Vinyl Banners – We carry some of the highest durable vinyl banner material on the market. We print our banners on 13oz vinyl banner material. However, if you’re not storing the banners in an acceptable form, it can be damaged.

You should not keep your banners in a hot area, such as in the sun or near a heater. A cool area such as the attic or storage closet will be fine – as long as it’s rolled up.

You should not fold or bend your vinyl banners. A printed vinyl banner should not be stored in the closet, cupboard or garage while it is folded or crumpled. It is even more important that you do not place things on top of the banner, as that can also cause damage.

The best way to store your printed vinyl banner is to roll it up (not too tightly) and if possible to wrap it in a protective cloth or film. This will ensure that there are no folds and no dust particles on your banner.

Ultimately, we’re trying to avoid you having to iron vinyl banners, steam vinyl banners or heat your banners.

Best Way to Iron Vinyl Banners to Remove Wrinkles

If you’ve stored your vinyl banner incorrectly, there are a few ways to get rid of the wrinkles and lines. You can use a hot iron on your vinyl banner – but make sure your iron does not touch the banner. A hot iron can cause irreparable damage, as vinyl can burn easily.

Alternatively, you can use a wash cloth soaked in hot water or even the sun. We’ve also used hot steam on vinyl banners and again – remember to keep the heat on medium.

When you use an iron on your printed banner, you need to ensure you are sporadically applying the heat only – without contact. Please do not press into the banner, as this can burn the material.

If you are using heat on vinyl banners for the first time, we strongly recommend the hot water + wash cloth method. Once the wrinkles are gone, you can use a dry cloth to clean away the water. The final product will be a brand new looking printed custom banner.

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