Get Affordable Roll Up Banners in Surrey, BC

Roll Up City provides fast banner printing and roll up banners in Surrey, B.C. We also provide banner printing in Vancouver, Victoria, Richmond Hill and Burnaby.

Over the years, we’ve seen how companies are using various print mediums for marketing. For example, the retractable banner has long been one of the best visual markers for most trade shows and events. If you’re hosting an event or service launch, you should have a roll up banner on the floor.

How to Make a Pop Up Banner Design

When customer’s are ordering their own products from our store, the most common question is on the topic of design. How do you design a roll up banner?

In all graphic design jobs, you need to begin with the template or artboard size. Please ensure this is accurate to what the printing company specifies. For our roll up banners in Surrey, we offer two product sizes:

  • Final Banner Size: 33 x 80 inches / Artboard Size: 34 x 81 inches
  • Final Banner Size: 47 x 80 inches / Artboard Size: 48 x 81 inches

The extra one inch on either side provides us with room to cut the banner to size.

You now have the banner size adjusted on your design tool, but keep in mind of cut lines and bleed lines. The bleed is a safe area, where you should not leave important designs or text. Similarly the cut area should not have similar objects.

A good tip is to have the design overlay into the bleed area (such as the background image), but without the important elements in the bleed area.

For a pop up banner or roll up banner, the bleed is different on the bottom and top/sides. Please make sure you download the roll up banner design template before you start working on the graphic design.

We offer full color printing for the pop up banner, so feel free to use as many vibrant colors as you can. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that you have the focus of the banner at eye level. When someone is looking at your banner, their eyes will immediately fall at eye level.

We’ve helped many of our customers with their roll up banners in Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond Hill. If you need help with graphic design, please email us today!

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