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Our graphic design and print team have been helping locals fulfill their need for custom mugs in Markham, Ontario. We serve all the Markham areas, including Downtown Markham, Stouffville, Box Grove Bypass, Milliken, York Region and Unionville.

How to Design Promotional Mugs for Your Company

Custom MugsWhen you’re preparing to design a promotional mug for your brand or business – you need to first think about the design elements. Do you have a concept in mind that you would like to portray on your mug?

You can design a custom artwork that incorporates many business elements, or use company photos, create a collage or use your company logo or slogan. Once you have this decided, you can create a design board or have your graphic designer draw out these elements.

When you are designing your printed mugs, you can use our mug template. Please keep in mind that the print area of the mug measures 3-inches x 9.5-inches. If you follow the mug design template, you can ensure that your artwork stays within the print-area without impacting the bleed lines.

We use sublimation printing for all our custom mugs in Markham, because it allows our final product to be a long-lasting one. With sublimation printing, it ensures that the ink is heated into the ceramic coating.

This is very different when compared to heat transfer printing, which layers a copy of the design on the mug. Overtime, as you place your mug in the wash – these layers will slowly fade away. It’s one of the main reasons why our customers prefer our sublimation printing for mugs in Markham.

We offer same day photo mugs in Markham while you wait after your online order. The ordering process is very simple. You start by choosing the print options and upload your design. Once done, you complete your payment and wait for your order completion email.

Pre-made Coffee Mugs with Nice Messages

There are well-known brands like Chapters and Indigo that carry cool mugs. A few of their mugs are definitely seasonal items, but people seem love their mugs for Christmas gift-giving. Lately, many people have been ordering mugs online through these retailers, because they are pre-made.

However, keep in mind that making a personalized mug can take as little as one hour. It is sometimes more beneficial and even cheaper to purchase a custom mug. With prices as low as $12.50/mug for a custom mug, you can really never go wrong. The next time you need a personalized mug with your photo in Markham, just contact our team.

If you’re ordering a same day mug or one hour mug, you will get an email when we have finished making your custom mug. If you’ve selected to pick up your mug from a designated location, you will receive notice of this as well.

If you’re looking for affordable printing for custom mugs in Markham – you can order your custom mugs with us. We offer same day printing, one hour printing and next day printing for photo mugs. Additionally, we offer same day delivery for mugs as well.