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There are many benefits of a Step and Repeat Backdrop Toronto for your business, brand or organization. A professionally designed and printed custom backdrop banner can add value to your event/cause. Moreover, with Roll Up City, you can get your backdrop printed on the same day or next day!

We’re a backdrop printing service in Canada, with immediate availability of banner stands, that are ready to ship out.

Our backdrop banners are all printed in Canada and shipped out for free. Additionally, all our customers save on printing costs across the nation.

If you are not aware, these backdrop banners are large banners that are printed using large format printing technology. Our backdrop banners are used for media events, advertising causes, awareness campaigns and more. These banners are generally large in size, measuring as wide as 12FT in some cases. Despite their large size, they are portable and easy to setup. We provide our customers with sturdy backdrop banner stands and the required hardware to set up the banner.

Advantages of Step and Repeat Backdrop in Toronto

We all know that there are many benefits to using a step-and-repeat backdrop banner. Furthermore, when you’re using a backdrop banner for your event – it can create exposure to your brand.

A Boost in Credibility – There are many companies that use large printed backdrop banners to bring brand exposure. Today, there are many media events, meetings, conferences and gatherings that use backdrops. The majority of step-and-repeat banners usually have a series of repeating logo’s, slogans or brand icons. Overall, a backdrop banner for your event will bring tons of credibility and skyrocket your brand value.

Cost-Effective Advertising – One of the biggest benefits of the backdrop banner is the multiple uses you can get from it. These banners can be used time and time again. When properly handled, a step-and-repeat banner will last for several years. Our banners are printed on 13oz vinyl, which ensures the durability of the product. Increase your ROI today by re-using your branded step-and-repeat banner.

Ease of Setup and Portability – A custom printed large backdrop with company logo can be setup within a few minutes. We do recommend having a helping hand when setting up a backdrop banner. Most company logo backdrop photo banners are wide and need to be stabilized with the help of a second pair of hands. Lastly, they’re incredibly portable. Our backdrop banners can be rolled up and placed in a box (if under 10FT). If your banner is longer than 10FT on the shorter side, you will need either fold or roll your banner. All backdrop banner stands can be taken apart and placed in the carrying bag.

Where to Use Your Event/Company Logo Backdrops

Above all, our custom company logo backdrop photo banners are not only for the large companies and brands out there. There are many small businesses that use step-and-repeat banners to raise awareness, acquire customers and promote services.

It is the ultimate advertising solution for media events, campaigns and company gatherings. Use our free custom banner design service for backdrops and benefit from these features:

  • A single logo in the middle
  • Repeated logo’s on the banner
  • A message with the logo + graphics
  • A combination of logos and graphics
  • The name’s of people
  • Graphics
  • Custom – we can make anything happen

In Canada and the U.S, our backdrop banners are being used in many different settings. You’ll find our company logo step-and-repeat banners at:

  • Media Events, Press Releases
  • Movie Releases, Red Carpet Events
  • Corporate Events, Galas and Events
  • Weddings, Club Events, Music Venues, Parties
  • Photoshoots, Private Events, Photobooths
  • Fundraisers, Non-Profit Events
  • Conferences, Convention Centres, Expos
  • Outdoor Events, Activities and Competitions

Why Should You Choose Roll Up City for Banners?

We’re a leader in large format printing in Canada. We have become one of the go-to and trusted suppliers for many small and medium sized businesses in Canada. First and foremost, we only work with large format printing. As specialists in large format banner printing, this is all we do. It always pays to work with a specialist – so choose the roll up banner specialists who work with banners day and night.

Moreover, our skilled printing team print several hundred roll up bannersbackdrop banners, car magnets, x-stand banners and vinyl banners every week! As a premier affordable printing company serving Canada, we’re proud to offer free shipping nationwide!

With our help you can set yourself apart from your competition. Furthermore, if you need a step and repeat backdrop Toronto, look no further than Roll Up City. When you’re ready to place your order, please order online or email us for assistance.