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Nowadays, every business needs to find a way to promote their business to stay relevant. As the business world becomes more and more competitive – we’re helping businesses stay on top of the marketing game. A retractable roll up banner allows you to achieve marketing excellence in one of many ways. Roll Up City carries a series of retractable banner stands for all types of indoor uses.

We’ll help you identify six ways to promote your business with retractable roll up banners. These strategies are used by a range of organizations and businesses – including universities, schools, small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

Let’s start by looking at some of the top ways of promoting your business with a roll up retractable banner.

Tip #1 – Design, Design, Design

We cannot stress this enough, but design plays an integral role in making sure your banner is actually working for you. When designing your roll up banner – you want to use eye-catching images with good resolution and quality. Additionally, make use of minimal colors – all of which should embody your business colors or the images that have been used in the design. If you’re looking for royalty free images for your banner design – we highly recommend Pixabay.

Tip #2 – Choosing the Right Banner Stand and Size

The size of the banner and the type of banner stand you acquire will be important. For example, if you are in a convention center space where the ceilings are high and you have small booths – you will want a banner that is at least 33 inches wide and 81 inches high. As for the banner stand, you have the option between an economical banner stand and a deluxe banner stand. There are other banner size options such as the following:

  • 47 x 81 inches
  • 33.5 x 79 inches

Tip #3 – Important Elements Remain at Eye Level

This could be considered a design element to keep in mind, but our research has shown that important elements need to remain at eye level. These elements can be logos, slogans, your primary offer or the face of the business.

Whatever you deem to be an important element – you need to make sure it is what catches the eye of a passerby. Get a well-designed artwork to promote your business with retractable roll up banners this season.

Tip #4 – Flaunt Your Banner

When you’ve printed your banner and it’s ready to be shown off – you need to take advantage of it. Maximize it’s exposure. We always tell our customers to showcase their retractable roll up banners in as many places as they can. Leave it at front area in the office, bring it to events and trade shows or leave it out at your kid’s sporting event. When it comes to marketing – it’s really all about exposure.

If you can find a way to flaunt your banner at many events and public places – you’ll recoup all the benefits of exposure.

Adding a LED banner light to your banner stand will also help in bringing attention to your marketing tool. It is definitely a hot product when looking to promote your business with retractable roll up banners.

Tip #5 – Learn to Re-Use Your Banner

Whether you want to re-use the same banner or change the banner to make use of the banner stand – you can do both with retractable roll up banners. Roll Up City helps it’s customers save money by making use of the same banner stand. We can help with banner printing for existing banner stands – so you can guarantee that you will be saving money with us on your side.

The portability and ease of setup of the banner stand is one of reasons many people use it. It’s also one of the primary reasons why we recommend using it several times over and over.

Tip #6 – Make Use of Table Top Roll Up Banners

If you’re unable to use the larger retractable banners for your business – you can always benefit from the table top banners. Our table top retractable banners are the same as the larger variant – just smaller. Most table top roll up banners measure the size of legal documents – but this can also vary depending on supplier.

When designing your roll up banner graphics – you want to make sure you take the bleed and dimensions into account. We offer the most common retractable roll up banner templates with free download. It’s recommended that you use these templates for your artwork. It will ensure that there are no delays during the pre-flight stage.

Have any topics or tips that you use when you promote your business with retractable roll up banners? Don’t hesitate to share it with us at orders@rollupcity.com